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Woman’s Rant Memoirs, advice, poetry, the occasional short story, and the politics of womanhood. 135
Authentic Mind Stories that come with epiphanies 135
Ain’t Yo’ Mama’s Tea Party! A place for strong women to unite. No judgements here. LIke the show, “Cheers”; It’s a place where everybody knows your name, and you’re always glad you came! We welcome strong women who own their bitchiness and don’t apologize for it, and men who stand behind us. 135
Authentic Solopreneurs Are you a Sensitive and Soulful Solopreneur? Connect with fellow solopreneurs as they share how to build and grow a sustainable business, ease into becoming more visible on social media, and keep integrating precious life lessons along the way. 134
Intrepid writing Bravely writing and doodling ahead 132
Hollie Harper INK I write. I act. I dig my kids and I talk a lot of smack. 132
Healthy Mind, Healthy Life Experience more joy, courage, peace & freedom with biblical wisdom, powerful strategies, personal experience and inspirational articles that uplift your spirit and help you develop a healthy mindset! 132
Reading Rhombus A journal curating diverse stories from the four corners of Medium. 132
Small Steps Move forward in life by taking one small step at a time. 131
Young Polymaths A Look At History’s Most Remarkable Figures During Their Formative Years 127
The Conscious Dollar Because life should be savored, not hacked. 126
The Affirmations Of Alvin Ang Hi, I’m Alvin. I’m a martial artist, entrepreneur and writer based out of Singapore. I’m on a quest to go from starving artist to the millionaire writer of my dreams. Follow my journey here! 126
The Daily Writing Coach An encouraging place to learn to write every day to develop your skills and confidence. 125
The Cure is you The cure is knowledge, life stories and ideas to help you live a more fulfilled life 124
The Philosophical Inn The Philosophical Inn is a publication dedicated to philosophy and its application to modern life. A place where every week you can enjoy entertaining articles that will make you reflect on the great unknowns of life. 124