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FirstToKnow Entertainment and pop culture, careers and finance, health and beauty, relationship and sex advice for both men and women, shopping and fashion info and deals, and all the latest tips and tricks for travel buffs. 50
Arizona’s Dark Side A collection of horror stories, urban legends, and the occult from Arizona’s unexamined past. 49
Kühner Kommentar an Amerika A frank, independent, and courageous look at my German-American heritage, history, and current events with a deep aversion to sham and pretense wherever it appears. 42
The History Geek Understanding Past and Present 40
History of Yesterday From the times that the pyramids were raised to the end of the cold war in this publication you will find it all. This is a publication that has been created to tell the stories of forgotten battles and fortunes that have crafted the world that we live in today. 38
Of Intellect and Interest This is the Medium extension for the original website Of Intellect and Interest ( founded by John Tuttle in 2017. Here we talk about pop culture, entertainment, science, Catholicism, history, photography, writing, and much more. 37
Damn Interesting Science, History & Psychology since 2005 35
Deru Kugi Immovable Object 30
Meaning of the Method Stories investigating the sciences 29
The Look One critic’s gaze at film, TV, clothes and history 28
Quatrian Folkways Legends, Folklore, and History of Ancient Quatria and the Pantarctican Diaspora 24
How Americans in Paris Changed the World How Americans in Paris (Re)Invented Revolution, Freedom, Art, Dance, Music, Literature, Romance, and the Future - from Ben Franklin to Steve Jobs and Barrack Obama 20
The Coastline is Quiet A personal blog for my thoughts on music, video games, books, podcasts, history, and anything else I feel motivated to share. 17
Full Spectrum Writings of the Paranormal, Pseudo-scientific, Occult and Exploratory Nature 14
Bunk Exploring the vast web of connections between America’s present and past. Visit us at 13