Publications tagged `HISTORY`
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Knowledge Stew Interesting, amazing, and fascinating facts to make you a little smarter today 74
The Calcutta Blog This is the official blog of Heritage Walk Calcutta, a Kolkata based startup providing academic-led, immersive walking tours and cultural experiences in the city and beyond. 73
Digital Heritage Examines theories, methodologies, and impacts of digital technologies in heritage. 66
FirstToKnow Entertainment and pop culture, careers and finance, health and beauty, relationship and sex advice for both men and women, shopping and fashion info and deals, and all the latest tips and tricks for travel buffs. 66
Arizona’s Dark Side A collection of horror stories, urban legends, and the occult from Arizona’s unexamined past. 57
Of Intellect and Interest This is the Medium extension for the original website Of Intellect and Interest ( founded by John Tuttle in 2017. Here we talk about pop culture, entertainment, science, Catholicism, history, photography, writing, and much more. 55
Meaning of the Method Stories investigating the sciences 46
Kühner Kommentar an Amerika A frank, independent, and courageous look at my German-American heritage, history, and current events with a deep aversion to sham and pretense wherever it appears. 45
The History Geek Understanding Past and Present 42
signifier The Signifier : studies in ART & media 42
Damn Interesting Science, History & Psychology since 2005 35
Deru Kugi Immovable Object 33
Scalable Analysis Looking at institutions, systems, and scenarios. 32
Quatrian Folkways Legends, Folklore, and History of Ancient Quatria and the Pantarctican Diaspora 31
The Look One critic’s gaze at film, TV, clothes and history 28