Publications tagged `CREATIVITY`
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Dare To Be Better Code, Read, Learn, Create 500
Tom Thoughts Thoughts on reading, writing, creativity, and a life well lived. 441
Making Sense of the Universe We write about the cosmic cycles unfolding during these evolutionary times. Created by a millennial, online astrologer, who aims to bridge the gap between the physical and the nonphysical realms of our world, because everything is energy. 401
Freethinkr Freethinkr is a place where creatives with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives explore ideas and thoughts through the written word. Whether your outlook is on dissecting the minutia of the day or seeing the humor in life, strive to be imaginative and inspired. 399
Poetry Palace Your home for poetry on Medium. 354
30-Day Challenge Become a better writer in 30 days with a writing challenge. 335
Realizing Empathy Through the lens of the creative process, we reframe what empathy is, why it is valuable, and how it can be better realized, developed, and facilitated. 334
Sonnetry Perfection in fourteen lines. 316
The Creative Mind Articles on The Art & Science of Creative Expression. Learn how to nurture and maintain your creative abilities with science backed articles and personal essays on creativity 300
Acast Your favorite shows. New voices. Stories you'll love. Follow, share and connect with podcasters around the world. 288
MayoOshin.Com Practical ideas based on proven science, philosophy and art, for better habits and decision-making. Articles republished from MayoOshin.Com 265
Epilogue Behind-the-scenes stories about writing process, publishing, and the writing life. 253
Entheogen Exploring psychedelics, spirituality, mindfulness, mental health and the war on drugs. 247
Currents Writings collected from around the Upstatement office. Upstatement is a free-thinking, fun-loving creative studio that imagines & builds exceptional digital experiences. 246
Write, I Must On finding great ideas, overcoming hurdles, and digitally publishing. 243