Name Followers
Digital Catapult Accelerating early adoption of advanced digital technologies. 62
Asgardia Space Nation Join today on Asgardia.Space 59
DeCodeIN The intersection where technology meets consumers 52
Neuri Research Blog Official research blog of Neuri PTE LTD. an artificial intelligence based Fintech firm. Through this blog Neuri’s researchers and engineers share latest methods in AI driven simulation and modeling as applied to financial markets. 52
Shallow Thoughts about Deep Learning Just some thoughts about artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and so on. 52
LeoiLab Innovating to improve life for people living with a skin condition. 46
Machine Learning Intuition Very intuitive introduction to concepts of machine learning as well as commentaries. We aim to provide series of posts describing a concept or a task in machine learning/deep learning as well as posts about news and commentaries on recent development in the field of A.I. 42
Global SWAI Global Startup Weekend in Artificial Intelligence (GSWAI) connects entrepreneurs, organizing teams, and startup communities around the world. 40
Technifity The Great Infinite Technology and the Great Infinity itself. 36
Eliiza-AI AI & Machine Learning in Melbourne, Australia 35
How Might We… Finding Balance in Philosophy, Technology, Ethics and Design 34
Momenton Momenton 33
Data Science Lab Amsterdam A team of passionate digital thinkers who share their learnings as Data Scientists and Engineers 31
MissingLink Deep Learning Platform Posts on Deep Learning and AI Operations 30
x8 — The AI Community X8 is the community for AI experts, enthusiasts, thinkers, researchers and writers. With AI’s impact being felt across diverse fields ranging from Art to Politics, this publication encourages articles on the social, technological, political and ecological aspects of AI. 29