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Sciforce Sciforce Blog 155
wbaa Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team 138
AI2 Blog The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence | AI for the Common Good 133
Shallow Thoughts about Deep Learning Just some thoughts about artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and so on. 129
Bartosz Mikulski The machine learning explainer 125
Asgardia Space Nation Join today on Asgardia.Space 120
Decathlon Developers Empowering The Sport Tech Community 119
Advanced Design for Artificial Intelligence A 15-week course focused on techniques developed by Jennifer Sukis of IBM for designing products powered by AI that form new relationships with users. Written by students of the Advanced Design for AI course at the University of Texas in Austin. 111 Our community publishes stories worth reading on latest technology trends and learnings. Join in! 107
Digital Catapult Accelerating early adoption of advanced digital technologies. 106
Engineering at Grammarly Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant helps 15 million people write better every day. Here’s what our team has learned about building complex AI-based products that scale. 99
Wealth Wizards Engineering The place where we blog about the cool stuff that's going on in Wealth Wizards Engineering and where we showcase our public APIs. 98
Huia Huia is a Tech Studio. We explore all creative possibilities of an idea using technology. Testing, prototyping, throwing away some ideas and discovering new ones. 97
Acta Schola Automata Polonica Scientific blog about artificial intelligence and machine learning 96
Super Izzy AI Your best buddy and reproductive health expert on Messenger. Period & Fertility & Pain tracking and much more. Discover her story with your friends! 96