Name Followers
Constellation AI Improving life through artificial intelligence and human-centred design. 26
O’Humanity An exploration of the social implications of technology, the future of democracy, and issues of critical importance to our communities and world. 26 blog Our adventures in improving the world with deep learning 24 is a Scandinavian software company specializing in conversational artificial intelligence 23
VectrConsulting The Vectr Voice 22
Wallscope Blogs from the Wallscope team 22
Watson Law A law firm's take on new technologies. 21
Overfitted Microservices Developing production ready machine learning models 19
Futurist One A personal publication for Kaveh Bakhtiyari 18
Forge.AI — Fueling Machine Intelligence Fuel for intelligent machines 17
Stupid Simple AI Series A good series of articles to explain all the most popular Artificial Intelligence algorithms, using real life projects and suggestive figures. 16
stemAI Blog Research in Machine Learning, Psychology and talks over beer! 15
Synerise AI Growth Cloud 15
Nadir Nibras- Data Science projects A collection of data science projects I am working on. Update: I have moved my old publications to Towards Data Science. Please refer to 14
Intercepting Horizons Strategic Consulting 14