Publications tagged `SOFTWARE ENGINEERING`
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Clear Blue Design Collection of thoughts, ideas, and how-to’s spawned by our software engineering projects at Clear Blue Design, things we’d like to share, reference, and re-read someday. 14
billsalak Opinions on technology and stuff. I reserve the right to contradict myself. 13
CasaOne Engineering Engineering efforts to convert furnitures to utility 13
Brainwave Storytelling community about thoughts and improvements for the better. Join us today and make a brainwave 13
homelane-tech HomeLane’s disruptive cloud platform implements state-of-the-art software for 2D floor planning, 3D room design, virtual meetings, catalog/pricing mgmt & manufacturing automation — optimized for performance @scale using modern stacks (Java, Kotlin, Python, JS, WebGL, etc.) 13
Money Forward i Engineering Stories from Money Forward i engineering team 13
Engineering Insights A series of engineering articles by STRV | 12
Waterstons Development Thoughts and tutorials written by the development team at Waterstons 11
Software Quality - QA Systems We are experts in software quality & testing solutions. QA Systems tools automate unit testing, code coverage, integration testing and static analysis to optimise safety and business critical embedded software and accelerate safety standards compliance. 11
Raybeam Raybeam is a software engineering firm that specializes in data and analytics. Raybeam has decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as Google, eBay, Microsoft and more. 11
Mpirik Mpirik provides a suite of software including cloud-based automated patient screening for cardiovascular disease, patient communication, and a data collection/analysis platform. We enable health care professionals to make informed decisions. Learn more at 11
TextMaster Engineering TextMaster is the world’s first global translation solution that is available entirely online. This publication is a humble description of heroic technical efforts aiming to provide our clients the best translations in the world. 🤓 10
Telnyx Engineering Stories by Engineers for Engineers 10
Citihub Consulting Financial Services IT Consultancy 10
Software Engineering at Cloud Academy Stories from Cloud Academy developers who share their tips, challenges, and passion for building a unique technical training platform 10