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Hetchr ☝️All your favorite software engineering tools in one place. Whether remote or in-office, Hetchr helps software engineering teams get on the same page. 0
Iconoclastic Coder Our profession is increasingly constrained. But not every “best practice” applies to every situation. Iconoclastic Coder is a place to challenge the status quo of programming. To stretch past the hype and make coding more effective and a most importantly — more fun! 0
VLK Studio We are a group passionated developers mainly focused on JavaScript. 0
REAL Vox This magazine publishes valuable IT content from Tech Experts and Lead Architects of REAL — the Red Expert Alliance — an alliance of IT Consulting companies with global coverage, from North America, to Europe, Middle East and Australia. 0
xFAANG Stories from xFAANG, a remote software engineering company founded by former employees of Big Tech companies. We apply the top industry practices and expertise to deliver your projects and empower you team. 0
EndQuotes Strings of Logic 0
Kaizo Engineering Unique insights and best practices about Scala, Data streaming and Gamification 0
Software Engineering Consulting Explore from technical technology specific stories, to IT industry consulting and softskiling topics 0
Conceptual Viewpoint Here we are going to dig deep into the theoretical concepts behind the actual logical implementations. 0
Python Blog Python programming tips, articles about the Python ecosystem, everything about Python 0
AppLit AppLit is a software consulting firm that specializes in making apps that look beautiful and are easy to use. We make apps that help businesses grow and reach their users. 0
Tech Titan Wise software engineering solutions for genuine problems in tech companies | Crazy ideas to create a future where the line between digital technology and life fades. 0 Musings on engineering and ai from 0
jon-tinkers-with-stuff My attempt to add to the huge repo of info already present on the web on web development, cloud computing, machine learning, Robotics/ROS 0
Sapere Knowledge Sharing 0