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CodeLighthouse is a SaaS startup that notifies your code owners of application errors in live time through your communications channel of choice. 1
Labs for tools and platforms Manuals for hands-on exercises 1
Data Engineering Blog Cutting-edge technologies, tutorials, debugging software issues, performance benchmarks and learning from previous mistakes 1
The HumAIn Podcast The HumAIn Podcast is a leading data science podcast where frequently discussed topics include AI trends, AI for all, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, data science, and reskilling and upskilling for developers. 1
Data De-Mystified Data is information. There are so many ways , tools and techniques this information can be converted to useful output. This page curates contents revolving how data can be useful and tools used. 1
Read the Source We don’t talk about it much, but the majority of a software developer’s time is spent reading code (especially code written by others), not writing it. Read the Source is where you’ll find developers doing just that and sharing what they found and how they found it. 1
Mindware Engineering Publication about mindfulness software engineering 1
Qimi TechBlog Learn more about how Qimi designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organization 0
Oblacoder Oblacoder 0
The Data Dump Technical articles on software engineering topics like data infrastructure, machine learning, and bioinformatics. 0
An Hour with Myself (As an Engineer and a Scientist) Like any good engineer or a scientist, I take pleasure in exploring uncharted territories or reviewing and challenging what I thought I new; to push boundaries, or simply to improve things marginally. I hope these can be of value to others as well. 0
bitsbytesandme My tech journey about the things I have learned, will learn and I unlearned. 0
Boilercode Boilercode is a Tech publication run by bright minds in IT, Cloud Computing and Data Science. 0
Beautiful Programming Best advice on Technology and Programming for beginners and advanced programmers. 0
Out of the Midwest with Software & Data Ellie Lockhart holds a social science Ph.D., but her career ambitions have stalled in academia. Unfortunately ensconced in the rural Midwest, she has taken it upon herself to self-teach software engineering and data science — to move forward at any cost! 0