Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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The Science of Conversation Language, technology, and the natural language processing 5
level += 1 Adventures in Datascience 4
AI Explorations Exploring ideas at the intersection of data, artificial intelligence, business and technology. 4
Candidit Changing the way the world works 4
dida Machine Learning dida is your partner for AI-powered software development. We develop stand-alone prototypes, deliver production-ready software and provide mathematically sound consulting to inhouse data scientists. 4
Snake Charmer Exploring Python, data analysis, and modern data ecosystems 4
Obviously AI Predictive Analytics for Non-Techies. 3
ML and Automation A place to share thoughts, stories and interesting things happening in the field of Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence and Test Automation 3
PsyAI We are passionate about Psychology and Machine Learning. The blog posts in this publication are the results of our spirited discussions that involve recurring patterns common across both the fields. 2
Kuzok Custom Deep Learning APIs 2
Show Me The Data Optimistic data science for politics and public policy 2
FiniteSum+ Data Science and Machine Learning Advice for Businesses 1
Explaining Machine Learning to my Grandmother In this article we will review in the most simple terms, what Machine Learning is and why you should study it. 1
Data Driven Media Group Data Driven Applications and Algorithms all in one place. 1
Can It Be Predicted? Datascience, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Predictive modeling 1