Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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APPANION At Appanion, we develop strategies, prototypes and tangible action plans to work successfully with emerging key technologies such as artificial intelligence. 15
Caliber AI Artisan Solutions for AI Pioneers 13
IEEE SB KUET Regional Publication. 13
FuzzyLabsAI AI for everybody 13
Coffeehouse Complexity Exploring a Complex Universe over Coffee 13
Mindsoft we can read/write your brain, now what 13
dida Machine Learning dida is your partner for AI-powered software development. We develop stand-alone prototypes, deliver production-ready software and provide mathematically sound consulting to inhouse data scientists. 13
Adobe Machine Intelligence Design We believe advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence are shifting the way people interact and create with digital tools, and that a user-centered approach to machine intelligence includes considerations of ethics, learning, language and more. 12
vicuesoft-techblog Technology Blog 12
Mercury Data Science Strategy Consulting and Rapid Solutions Development for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 12
logsense Log intelligence for unstructured data, anomaly detection & observability 11
GLYNT.AI We built a machine learning system. It gave us an interesting perspective on technology, markets and value 10
Python experiments To share learning points from our Python experiments 10
ArtificialCiti Artificial Citi LLC is a social enterprise startup solving quality of life issues faced by our cities. 10
Atomwise We’re using AI to discover better medicine faster. 10