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Deep Learning for people in a hurry. The essential theories and ideas of Deep Learning with Python by Francois Chollet summarised into 30 pages published in individual chapters. 0
Machine Learning Journey I will be sharing my knowledge, ideas and codes related to Data Science and Machine Learning. I am passionate about it and I would love to start my long journey with all of you. 0
Cloud to Street Cloud to Street is a social good start-up creating a global high-resolution flood mapping and monitoring system designed to protect the most vulnerable and enable resilience worldwide 0
Yosh AI We increase sales and optimise the cost through automation of our fashion retail partners through innovative AI based solutions including: intelligent chatbot visual search engine personalisation predictive recommendation engine. 0
Appsilon Data Science Appsilon provides innovative data analytics and machine learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Appsilon builds the world’s most advanced R Shiny dashboards. 0
Minestack MineStack is the publication which consisting applied computer vision and discusses machine learning and deep learning for exploration and mining. 0
A Duck’s Dream Posts about machine learning and the everyday journey through data. Also memes. 0
IT Examples IT Examples is the best online platform to learn Information technology stuff from scratch to expert level. 0 creates EFFORTLESS FUTURE, with our DIY AI driven SaaS platform that could simplify everyday tasks across industries with advanced, receptive, and evolving Conversational AI. 0
MakeItSimple The concept and math behind data Science, AI, ML is not easy, we are here to make it simple for you. 0
UseThea Thea reduces uncertainty in the early stages of non-software engineering projects in mature, regulated markets. 0
oberman-lab Easy to read articles explaining the mathematics behind machine learning. 0
GroundBranch Data Drives All That We Do -- Data Science Blog 0
Tech to Inspire Articles on technology, programming, science, machine learning, AI and more, with the hope to make the world kinder and life more meaningful. 0
DataProds Looking forwards to your articles. 0