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Earthack Earthack was founded in Anthropocene Epoch, it is a group of several geology students which interested to discuss the application and development of artificial intelligence for better exploration & geological disaster mitigation. 0
xFAANG Stories from xFAANG, a remote software engineering company founded by former employees of Big Tech companies. We apply the top industry practices and expertise to deliver your projects and empower you team. 0
pyDataScience Discussing the various techniques, applications and advancement in data science, with major interest in data analytics, machine learning and deep neural networks. 0
VALIDI/O Validio is the data validation platform that automates all the most time consuming obstacles to good data quality that data engineers struggle with daily. Realtime or batch data are monitored at data point and meta data level, and records are kept over time. 0
Farmwave We are a seasoned team of visionaries, engineers, designers, and strategists working together to put advanced technology to practical use. 0
Zillin Zillin is the most user-friendly online tool for creating image datasets, and the only coming with true end-to-end encryption. 0
21st Century Skills Step-by-step guides on how to gain 21st century skills. We focus on machine learning tools, data visualization and soft skills to make you the best you. 0
The Long Beard Blog Container of tips and tricks for Data Science in Python. Updates on Modern Machine Learning Methods and best practices 0
CASL Project News and updates about the CASL open — source project. 0
Genie Lab Personal data story journal by Rakesh Chintha -1
Applications of Machine Learning The authors of this publications are students at IIIT Delhi. They are passionate computer science learners having a keen interest in software development and data science. -1