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Data Sensitive Data Science Guides, Tutorials & Blogs 2
Atha Data Science In Sanskrit, each auspicious moment of undertaking begins with the word “atha” — it means now, right now, only after everything that led to this exact moment. This blog is where you can follow my undertaking of the journey to becoming a Data Scientist. 2
Machine Opinings Thoughts on machine learning, human philosophy, and what we do with them 2
EazyML EazyML, the first machine learning platform to predict outcomes from textual data. And the best part? It’s transparent! Easiest-to-use ML platform. Explore here ( ) 2
Discover Computer Vision A “community” of like-minded individuals who’re experts in their industry pertaining to the field of Computer Vision(CV). 2
Parito Labs Blog This is a software engineering blog with varied insights from our journey to empower people to bring data and ideas to life in the form of end-to-end AI-driven solutions. 2
Student Success Stories Blogposts presenting successful final theses and semestral projects from the Knowledge Engineering track at FIT CTU in Prague. 2
eVision Computer Science 2
GRAD4 Engineering GRAD4 is a Canadian remote-first SaaS company using React, Django Rest Framework, AWS, Docker, pythonOCC and Xeogl. If you are interested to learn more about the great tech we build reach out to us! 2
Fano Labs A deep-tech start-up focusing on AI for non-mainstream and mixed languages. 2
A.I. & Stuff Dive into the beautiful world of Thoughts, Subconscious & Artificial Intelligence. Tune in for Podcast, Tutorials, Project, Science talk & more. 2
Novetta An Advanced Analytics Company 2
Machine Learning for beginners A series of blog posts that will help beginners navigate the deep waters of Machine Learning 2
Backprop Labs Backprop Labs is an AI startup working on research and real world implementation of state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms. 2
doingai Supporting your journey to master artificial intelligence 2