Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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AI for Medicine Fusing the power of Artificial Intelligence into Medicine for improving global health by building Machine Learning models for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of patients. 1
Design by Behavior A publication that explores how behavioral science helps to design better digital products. 1
Data Decision & Intelligence Data Decision & Intelligence curated simple yet special stories to enhance your knowledge in the field of cognitive and decision sciences. One stop hub to taste stimulated statistics, advance artificial intelligence & boosted bioinformatics also synergy between Psychology and AI. 1
Coffee Sucre (opening soon!) A data science coffee shop cohosted by two cousins. 1
Camera Culture The Camera Culture group is part of the MIT Media Lab. The group conducts multi-disciplinary research in physical (e.g., sensors, health-tech), digital (e.g., automating machine learning) and global (e.g., geomaps, autonomous mobility) domains. 1
ML Brew This publication is devoted to ML and DL research community to gather the knowledge at one platform for cutting edge innovation. 1
Area 21 G4 1 Based of San Jose, Costa Rica. Founder: Andres Antillon. Making AI, ML & DL Accessible to Anyone. Spreading News and Motivating Others to Learn. 1
Alphabyte Research Lab A blog showcasing the latest work and insights from the research team at Alphabyte Solutions 1
Sigmoid Self Learning Machines | Open Source | Cloud 1
Sorta Sota not necessarily _the_ art. 1
Ones & Zeros In this publication, we would cover a wide range of CS topics — Web Development, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Processor Architecture and much more 1 Find Machine learning jobs and internships. Boost your ml career. Join a growing ml community. Check for more information. 1
OoBA Labs OoBA’s mission is to build a future to harness the Power of AI across Enterprises becomes as simple as search. Here, we show how we harness various technologies to achieve this goal of ours. 1
Coders Mojo Place for all coders, technies, programmers to collaborate and write posts about coding, tech, about your (shitty) day, programming humor etc etc 1