Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
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Colloquium Colloquium brings together insightful articles from pre-eminent thinkers around the globe specialising in Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations. 101
The Trip A publication dedicated to stories that provide value on the trip of life. We primarily publish work on spirituality, self, philosophy mental health. Get in touch at with your draft if you’d like to submit. 95
Think Like A Designer Thinking like a designer goes beyond creating great products; it’s a mindset that can enhance your career, your business, even your life. 93
Literary Impulse Literary Impulse is a literary journal. We are looking for poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction of philosophical nature which can dazzle us with its use of language. We believe that literature makes the life more beautiful, and sometimes- worth living. 85 The Cato Institute’s treasury of resources about the theory and history of liberty. 80
Journal of International Psychogeography Published by the International Psychogeography Insitute 80
Serious Philosophy Serious Philosophy is a place for public philosophy about subjects that we, philosophers, are interested in getting to the bottom of. As such, almost anything current goes, here — but the rub is that our essays will need to be polished and accessible to a wide audience. Enjoy! 77
The Subversive Scrivener A philosophy based in individualism, stressing that consistent adherence to a core set of principles, applied consistently to all sets of life by a discriminatory process, leads to self-actualization and a permanence of the soul that transcends temporal bounds. 76
VANGUARD A Medium publication for experimental writing and dangerous ideas. 69
The Phoenix Project Ideas, visions and tools for a new global operating system. 68
The Hamato Yogi Chronichels A Personal Blog By Yoav Ganbar 67
A White Blank Page Genius Philosophy for the 9–5 life 61
The Commoner The Commoner is an anarchist publication dedicated to the ideals of common ownership, anti-capitalism and the decentralisation of power. 60
Philonomist A philosophical look at business, economics and work 58
COSY Authentic and vulnerable stories in a cosy space. 58