Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
Name Followers
The Ethical Technologist Plundering the smarts of psychology, philosophy and the social sciences to make better tech. 18
Poesy and Heresy A collection of lines to challenge the mind. 16
gliosis A publication about science, medicine, critical thinking and reason. 16
Jingo.AI An unholy, polyamorous matrimony between AI, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Altruism, and the living 15
Erraticus Spontaneous Culture. Emotional Intelligence. A pragmatic approach to ideas. 14
Full Spectrum Writings of the Paranormal, Pseudo-scientific, Occult and Exploratory Nature 14
Overthinking Life Thinking too much on Philosophy, Math, Science, Politics, Work, and Life 14
Thrice Removed Books, films, and lectures summarized with citations, links, and some commentary. Get the main idea before you read or in order to find that perfect, sourced, quotation. 14
KnowledgeBottle The world is in fact just that: an obligation to share. 14
The Symposium Multidisciplinary articles by young professionals from all over the world. 13
Sun Sand & Socrates Practical ethics for a crazy-arse world. 13
Creative Dissonance Deciphering the tension between loving the art and hating the artist. 13
The Hissing Mirror When you gaze into the abyss it doesn’t just stare back — it hisses. The Hissing Mirror is about language, communication, AI, and creating products that build bridges between people, not chasms. 12
everything is full of gods philosophy as a way of life. 11
Thought Notebook Thought Notebook is many things, but starts as the output of the human mind thinking about our encounters and recording our responses. An exercise in reflection. 10