Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
Name Followers
Noumenauts Exploring the realm of ideas. 24
Slightly Educated Today’s relevant science, politics, philosophy, and entertainment through the narrow and flawed senses of a pessimisstic primate and recent B.S. graduate. 23
Bitgenstein’s Table The Crypto Philosophy Podcast 22
The Virtue of Curiosity Thoughts that explore the depths of new world philosophy. Consciousness, quantum theory, knowledge, existence and self-development 22
Disruptive Theology Disrupting the Powers and Disturbing the Principalities. Crafting a Theology of Resistance and Dissention. 21
Daily Life Lessons and Meditations Daily lessons and meditation insights that help me remember how to live my best life. Hopefully this helps others too. I often forget things that help me stay calm and grounded. These articles will help remind me. If you find this helpful too, then follow along! 19
Train of Thought Thinking about the future of society. 19
Waveform Discoveries at the intersection of the intellect and heart 18
The Ethical Technologist Plundering the smarts of psychology, philosophy and the social sciences to make better tech. 18
Thrice Removed Books, films, and lectures summarized with citations, links, and some commentary. Get the main idea before you read or in order to find that perfect, sourced, quotation. 18
Poesy and Heresy A collection of lines to challenge the mind. 18
gliosis A publication about science, medicine, critical thinking and reason. 18
Overthinking Life Thinking too much on Philosophy, Math, Science, Politics, Work, and Life 18
The Symposium Multidisciplinary articles by young professionals from all over the world. 17
Full Spectrum Writings of the Paranormal, Pseudo-scientific, Occult and Exploratory Nature 17