Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
Name Followers
Philosophy Outside the Text No references. No footnotes. No academic gatekeeper’s jargon. Philosophy about what’s hidden in plain sight, for those who care to look. 10
The Photojournal. The story of a young maverick in the modern world. 10
Minor Clash Poetry, Short Stories, and Other Musings 10
On the Philosophies of Madness All things surreal, existential, and otherwise without bearing upon reality 10
Word Sauce Ideas, insights and information cooked down into something delicious. 10
Meditations in the Minefield Reflecting on an explosive world. 9
Philosophy of Science Communication an HPS-STS community engaging in science education, outreach, and communications 9
Untimely Meditations Only the untimely become timeless 8
Imperare sibi Imperare sibi maximum imperium est. To rule yourself is the ultimate power 8
On Creation Living a life as a creative, one strange inspiration at a time 8
Strawm*n Strawm*n is an opinion magazine based on the idea of transparency. We should debate the issues, not the motives of people writing them. With this in mind, our writers are clear and unapologetic about their ideological commitments, as well as their critiques of others’. 7
The New Social Contract Because we need to rethink our society 7
Thoughts on the Human Psyche Let's think more. Let's think better. 7
Wayward Things Wayward Things is written by philosopher and writer Dr. Will Buckingham. It is a collection of the curious, the intriguing and the wayward. 7
thedailyclosure Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind. 7