Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
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Humanitas Contemporary international issues, literature, philosophy, psychology, art, science, and history. A combined initiative of MIPJ: Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Affairs ( and Humanitas Media Publishing ( 7
EmbracingParadoxes Against being ideologically immunized / Wider ideologische Immunisiertheit 6
Kyn and Rapha Finding meaning through chaos. 6
Eschaton Magazine Investigative reporting, essays, criticism, fiction and poetry. 5
Southern Cross Publications Official publication of the Counter-Revolutionaries of the Southern Cross. 5
The Burke-Paine Society The Burke-Paine Society is bringing together cross-partisan discussion groups across the nation. 5
pilgrimHub Christian worldview for the skeptic mind 5
Algonaut Musings on technology, philosophy and economics 5
A440 Collective Tuned In to Musical Society 5
Acton Institute The Acton Institute is a think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. 4
A Satanist Reads the Bible Exploring the Bible, Christianity, and other religions and their sacred texts through the lens of Satanism in order to reinvent religion for myself. 4
Capitalism, Climate & Compassion Exploring how business, capitalism, & philosophy fit together to make this world a better place. 4
A Light-Filled Space Casting a light on the work of amazing writers, thinkers, artists, musicians, makers, photographers, philosophers, activists and more. 4
Bright Web Intelligence exercised for the joy of it. 4
Excursus. An excursus is nothing more than ideas trying to get away from the thoughts that spawned them in the first place. 4