Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
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Philosophy of Science Communication an HPS-STS community engaging in science education, outreach, and communications 9
Imperare sibi Imperare sibi maximum imperium est. To rule yourself is the ultimate power 9
The Commoner The Commoner is an anarchist publication dedicated to the ideals of common ownership, anti-capitalism and the decentralisation of power. *** Writers are very much welcome, so if you have a submission please email thecommonermail(at) *** 9
Untimely Meditations Only the untimely become timeless 8
On Creation Living a life as a creative, one strange inspiration at a time 8
Wayward Things Wayward Things is curated by philosopher and writer Dr. Will Buckingham. It is a place for thoughts on writing and philosophy, stories, snippets and ideas. 8
A Better Fit The hows and whys of fitness. 8
Strawm*n Strawm*n is an opinion magazine based on the idea of transparency. We should debate the issues, not the motives of people writing them. With this in mind, our writers are clear and unapologetic about their ideological commitments, as well as their critiques of others’. 7
The New Social Contract Because we need to rethink our society 7
Thoughts on the Human Psyche Let's think more. Let's think better. 7
thedailyclosure Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind. 7
Humanitas Contemporary international issues, literature, philosophy, psychology, art, science, and history. A combined initiative of MIPJ: Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Affairs ( and Humanitas Media Publishing ( 7
That Ross Chap A pseudo-English chap, polemicist and film critic who wishes he lived in a P.G. Wodehouse novel. 7
EmbracingParadoxes Against being ideologically immunized / Wider ideologische Immunisiertheit 6
Kyn and Rapha Finding meaning through chaos. 6