Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
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Knowledge Bottle The world is in fact just that: an obligation to share. 15
The Twilight Carnival Lose your demons. Find yourself. 15
Galileo Onwards Notes on philosophy, art, computer science, among other things. 14
The Hissing Mirror When you gaze into the abyss it doesn’t just stare back — it hisses. The Hissing Mirror is about language, communication, AI, and creating products that build bridges between people, not chasms. 14
A Better Fit The hows and whys of fitness. 14
Inspire & Improve Philosophies and ideas to help us become better people and live more fullfilling lives 14
Sun Sand & Socrates Practical ethics for a crazy-arse world. 13
Twisted Fragments Intentionally Incomplete 13
Per Pro Schema A navigational boulevard for law students and a thinking place for legal philosophy buffs. 12
The East Berry Ideas and debates for the educated individual. 12
Philosophy Outside the Text No references. No footnotes. No academic gatekeeper’s jargon. Philosophy about what’s hidden in plain sight, for those who care to look. 12
Philosophy of Science Communication an HPS-STS community engaging in science education, outreach, and communications 12
The Sword and the Pen The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short and the pen is very sharp. 12
The Rearguard The Rearguard is a column dedicated to examining the confluence of conflict and culture in American context. 12
Thought Notebook Thought Notebook is many things, but starts as the output of the human mind thinking about our encounters and recording our responses. An exercise in reflection. 11