Publications tagged `STARTUP`
Name Followers
Textile Building new digital experiences by focusing on user privacy, openness, and decentralization. Makers of 901
Samaipata We are an early-stage founders’ fund investing in digital platforms and marketplaces across Europe 849
Silicon Valley for International Entrepreneurs We help international #startup founders and #VC investors to plugin into #SiliconValley ecosystem and become successful on a global scale. 848
Envoy Design Stories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo. 847
Ravelin Tech Blog Ravelin Tech Blog 822
Pillar VC VC doesn't have to be the darkside. 812
idealo Tech Blog 👨‍💻👩‍💻 idealo tech and product folks writing about their work 💡⚙️💻 🛒 and their endeavour to build, ship and run a great user experience at 793
devStories Stories about software development from the dev team. 787
Clean Energy Trust Clean Energy Trust finds, funds, and grows high-impact cleantech startups from the Midwest 787
Atomico Atomico partners with Europe’s most ambitious tech founders at Series A and beyond. Our experienced team includes entrepreneurs and executives from the world’s most successful technology firms. 772
Building Brex Building Brex is a compilation of stories about our mission to help every growing company realize their full potential. Most of the stories in business books are told from a single, idealized point of view, twenty years after the model’s been proven. We’re telling it as we go. 759
Ministry of Programming — Technology Supercharged tech team specialized in building startups 742
Axiom Zen Team Insights from Axiom Zen, a team of founders, developers, and designers who are building the future - 740
CEOPLAYBOOK A publication full of stories from real CEOs and practical sage advice. 740
The Perch Resource Central for Indian Startups 734