Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Simple = Human Design, Development and Leadership articles written and curated by Adam Silver & Mark Jenkins 3,810
NYC Design A publication for designers of New York & design lovers from all around the world. Design thinking is what makes us share with the whole world. 3,784
Shyp Design Thoughts from the Design Team at Shyp 3,738
Made by Many Stories by the people of Made by Many, a digital innovation consultancy. 3,734
Designing Nubank Design culture, technology, process, people, and learnings. By the design staff of Nubank. 3,551
Inborn Experience (UX in AR/VR) Learn about user experience in augmented and virtual reality 3,451
Studio D We provide discreet services for clients with a global outlook. 3,196
Long Now The Long Now Foundation is a San Francisco based non-profit that works to promote long-term thinking. We are perhaps best known for building a Clock that will last for 10,000 years. Long Now members help make all we do possible. Learn more: 3,091
Cocoa Academy Development, design and product thoughts regarding Apple's platforms 3,022
Insights & Observations The UsabilityHub blog on all things user testing/research/experience, helping to design experiences your customers will love 2,983
Bestfolios A curation of best portfolio websites, resumes, articles from UX/UI designers, graphic designers and motion designers. 2,914
Circulate Features and thought-leadership on the circular economy 2,825
Multiple Views: Visualization Research Explained A blog about visualization research, for anyone, by the people who do it. Edited by Jessica Hullman, Danielle Szafir, Robert Kosara, and Enrico Bertini 2,776
Inspire + Advance We’re creating an elegantly connected, digitally enhanced, and well-communicated world. Are you with us? 2,756
Design Leadership Notebook Notes on the imminent leading role of design. 2,702