Publications tagged `FILM`
Name Followers
Auteur For All Film for the rest of us. Reviews, Critique, Essays, and Commentary. 6
OFFtheRECORD An ironic publication on self, literature, film, art and tech, and music. 6
The Front Row Entertaining reviews for genre, art house, and foreign films. 6
Film Ready Practical articles and guides on film and video marketing. Brought to you by Mission Based Projects. 5
The Good, The Brad, and the Ugly Bradley writes stuff. 5
Into The Discourse Thoughts and speculation on movies, television, comics, anime, and more. 5
idiots_delight Hot thoughts about movies, TV, music, books, comics, storytelling, etc. 4
Avoiderdragon Exploring experience through digital adventure. 4
The Black C.A.P.E Mag The Black Cinema Anorak’s Pop Entertainment Magazine 4
JUNG SKYWALKER Studying the Symbolism of Star Wars 4
The Glass Box Observations and reviews for all types of TV and film. Always looking for new writers. 4
The Entertainment Hub Insights into all things entertainment. 4
alittlescripted What makes a good screenplay, how to write one, enjoying it in its final form and all that comes between 4
Yelling Fire in a Crowded Streaming Queue Media obsessions with the Sisters Shetina 4
The Novelization Station A blog about movie novelizations 3