Publications tagged `FILM`
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The Aspiring Critic Incisive critiques and the occasional pun 17
More About Movies Reviews, Interviews with Filmmakers, and Commentary from Movie Critic Nell Minow and Guest Contributors on Current and Classic Films 15
The Curiosity Cabinet Featuring stories about rare and everyday objects, near and far adventures, lost and found knowledge, and the eternal quest for greater human understanding. 14
‘Action is eloquence’: (Re)thinking Shakespeare A blog looking at modern performance, adaptation and appropriation of Shakespeare on stage, screen and beyond. 13
Once Upon A Screenplay Analysis and inspiration on how a story goes from someone’s head and ends up on the screen. 12
The Pitch of Discontent Alternative culture as contemporary praxis. Articles exploring the intersection of philosophy, literature, music, film and critical theory. 12
The Film Odyssey ‘The Film Odyssey’ is just that — a journey into the heart of cinema, where I will explore all the aspect that makes the experience of watching a film so powerful, while analysing a variety of films from different genres, eras and languages. 11
Sabrina Monet Writes Here Sabrina Monet Writes Here is a collection of essays on film, television and media. Whether you’re three rows back at the movie theatre or three feet away from your television screen, everything you consume is how you see the world. 11
That Ross Chap A pseudo-English chap, polemicist and film critic who wishes he lived in a P.G. Wodehouse novel. 10
Picture Palace Loren Kantor is a passionate writer and woodcut artist with a love for movies, music and old Los Angeles. 10
RogueAuteurs A couple of film lovers watching movies, talking about movies and writing about movies. 9
Beyond Tinsel Entertainment production beyond Los Angeles 7
Stale Popcorn When the last of the credits have rolled and the lights go up, the conversation begins, and it doesn’t end until the theater employees ask you to leave. Stale Popcorn is for the true cinephile, who never wants to stop talking about the films they love. 7
The Strategic Whimsy Experiment Two film lovers share their opinions about film, life, society, art, and more! 7
Popcorn for Dinner Personal Pop-Culture Ramblings 6