Publications tagged `FILM`
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Feministly Snippets of pop culture through a feminist lens. 334
The Culture Corner All things pop culture. 252
Explosion of Awareness Illustrated essays presenting a new space philosophy for the 21st Century. Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey with excerpts from Barry Vacker's epic book "Specter of the Monolith." Though the essays date from 2017, the "Explosion of Awareness" page was started in July, 2018. 244
incluvie Movie and TV Reviews for Diversity 207
Make it Personal We publish long form essays about politics, TV/film, internet culture and so on. Take a big topic and let us see it through your eyes. 195
Magic Circles The intersection of storytelling and design for games, fiction, and narratives of all kinds. Many of these articles were made possible by wonderful patrons at 194
Interstellar Flight Magazine Interstellar Flight Press is a new speculative publishing house. We publish essays on science fiction and fantasy, pop culture, and geek fandom. 157
THE COURTROOM A candid and critical conversation on the business side of the entertainment industries 115
Integral Cinematic Arts Journal Exploring Integral and Evolutionary Approaches to the Moving Image in all its Evolving Forms 105
Something Sensational A review of LGBTQIA books, art, film, and life. 95
The Salmon Pages Hollywood News, Punched-Up 74
One Room With A View The best reviews and most thoughtful film criticism around from The Avengers to À bout de souffle. Subscribe to our newsletter at 74
Fever Dreams Film history and analysis 56
Smashcut Preparing Students to Thrive in a Visual World 44
SoapBox Editorial The Editorial branch of SoapBox Productions and Organizing features diverse written work that fosters fresh perspectives and radically imaginative takes on politics, culture, media, and society centered around structural social change and a more equitable world. 38