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Old Hat Cinema Old Hat is dedicated to the Golden Era of Hollywood, a period extending from roughly 1929 to 1960, and features reviews of classic movies, mini biographies and tributes to great actors, fun trivia facts, and other cool content. 2
The Glamorous and the Grotesque The Glamorous and the Grotesque is, in effect, a list of my favorite movies. The included films run the gamut of quality, but I have an affinity for all of them. They all have their share of both goodness and badness, beauty and trash, humanity and perversity. 2
SHOTS ZINE SHOTS ZINE is an independent, student run publication. 1
Decentralizing Entertainment Every corner of the entertainment industry is rife with issues. Decentalization is the hero we need. 1
knoughtville pop/radical media | past present future 1
Strange Harbors Strange Harbors is a blog dedicated to exploring the shores of film, television, and culture 1
Stream Queens Media A horror blog guaranteed to make you stream. 1
Flicks TV Hound Sharing thoughts and ideas about movies and TV shows. 1
Holding Down Le Fort Reviewing my favorite and least favorite Movies and TV Shows 1
Stellar If it’s from Bryce & Jackie Zabel, then it’s a Stellar production! 1
CROOKES Magazine Exclusive Interviews & Photoshoots from the Digital Publication 0
Movies With Seb Movies With Seb is a Publication created by Film Critic & Filmjournalist Seb Khouw. On this Publication you will find Stories full of Film Analysis and Film Criticism. Of course, there will also be lots of Film Reviews on this Publication. 0 Cinephilosopher is a one-man blog that covers movies, games, and life. If you enjoy reading my stuff, do check out my website ( and follow me on social media to get notified of new posts. 0
The Watercooler [HQ] Your Streaming Sherpas can help you find TV shows and films that match your frame of mind and interests — and find fellow viewers through our Binge Viewers Clubs. Don’t binge alone. 0
The Demoread A weekly letter on art, music, books, teaching, writing, and the ravine behind my house. Delivered Sundays. 0