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Reel Dads A publication for the fans of films from Oscar fare to Superhero films to Snowpiercer. Fostering an environment for fans of movies, actors, actresses, or directors to have real conversations about pictures we love. 3
the zero effect A (b)log of independent film writing, with reviews and sometimes.. a little more. 3
Ellie’s Pop Culture Disc Horse Ellie Lockhart, rogue Ph.D. and famous Netflix-accredited noticer of the transgender themes in “The Matrix,” applies her analytical talents to a wide range of pop culture, video games, and fandom related discourses. 3
I Hear They Need People There Film and sometimes Television criticism and essays by Noah Stephenson. 3
Yelling Fire in a Crowded Streaming Queue Sifting through the debris of the streaming age one pop culture obsession at a time 3
Review Central Books, Film, Podcast Reviews and More 3
Flexible Head Films and so on… 3
For the Love of Film My aim with this blog is that there will be something for every movie fan. I intend to write about films from various genres, in both the 20th and 21st century, whilst taking care to extend beyond English-speaking cinema. My inbox is always open to suggestions. Enjoy! ❤ 3
Animationweek Interviews with the top animation creators from around the world 2
Social Cinema Musings on the social implications of ‘visual narratives’ 2
Tech-ish I’m interested in technology, film, literature, photography, and productivity. I’m mostly gonna write about those topics, but sometimes I might right about something else. It’s my publication so deal with it. 2
Mindora A space for thoughts. 2
The Reluctant Protagonist Ideas on Film, Poetry, and Other Creative Musings 2
Screwdriver Media We’re a media company promoting creativity and hard work in equal parts. 2
Robin Reviews Movie, book, and content reviews that challenge your perspective. 2