Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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PlanGrid Technology We share best practices, new technology, and captivating stories as we build software for the construction industry. 305
Grand Parade Innovators in online betting 282
The Hands-on Advisors Sights and sounds from the Hands-on Advisors at Fourkind. Expert services in strategy consulting & hands-on value creation through business & service design, engineering & data science. To tackle the hardest problems of tomorrow, today. 280
Engineering at 99x Headquartered in Sri Lanka, 99x is a technology company co-creating well-engineered, innovative digital products for the Scandinavian market. ​ 279
Outbrain Engineering Outbrain is the world’s leading native advertising platform, guiding the digital discoveries of consumers around the globe. Genuinely connecting marketers, publishers, and the consumers in-between, Outbrain serves more than 308 billion recommendations, organically personalizing, 278
Code, Procedure and Rants Trying to be a kind of CPR for code(rs). Or maybe its the acronym for Code & Practice makes Results, or Came, Pwned and Returned…. You decide. 275
SafetyCulture Engineering Building something that truly impacts people's lives 274
TechMagic TechMagic is a tech consulting company focused on JavaScript, AWS, and Serverless. 272 The latest in Javascript, design and innovation. 271
Turo Engineering Turo Engineering & Data Science 270
The Set List A custom development agency run by tech entrepreneurs and actual rockstars. We can build or staff any project. Give us a shout. 267
NONA We are a leading software development studio focussing on Fintech, Blockchain and Logistics. Contact: 263
i18n and l10n Resources for Developers Hand-curated resources and tutorials on software localization and internationalization 259
Codegiant Tips for building and marketing great software products. 258
Software Development Set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software. 257