Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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KoçSistem KoçSistem’s software and technology stories 527
Skills Matter A community of software developers with a passion for tackling complex challenges. 520
devconnected — DevOps, Sysadmins & Engineering Tutorials & Guides for DevOps, sysadmins and software engineers. 519
pushtostart Everything Startup 510
NotOnlyCSS This publication includes original articles and tips about frontend technologies. 505
j-bennet codes On coding and data analysis, by Irina Truong (j-bennet@github) 499
Netcetera Tech Blog Tech articles by Netcetera’s engineers 498
Netherlands eScience Center Expertise center for research software in The Netherlands 495 The engineering behind iyzico, the sweet home for iyzicoders… 493
Jobandtalent Engineering Jobandtalent Engineering team blog. The magicians that match people with the right jobs. How do they do it? We are Hiring! 492
9elements We craft digital products and services. 474
devgorilla 453
Dionysis’ desk Android code, life thoughts and more.. 448
Code Kings Programming tips & tricks from professionals 445
Goiabada A delicious mix of software development, design and business. By the people of Guava Software (and friends). 439