Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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Velos Mobile We are a group of technologists who are passionate about creating excellent mobile experiences. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we love sharing our expertise from the first wireframe to the last bug. Check us out at 12
Edrolo Engineering Notes from the Edrolo Web Development Team 12
LoopStudio Extraordinary Services for Extraordinary Customers 12
Waterstons Development Thoughts and tutorials written by the development team at Waterstons 11
Dev Machina The quest for everything! I don’t want myself restricted to a particular domain in computers and technology. Although, I am coming from an app development background, I know there is a lot more to it. There is a whole world of tech out there ready to be explored. 11
Software Quality - QA Systems We are experts in software quality & testing solutions. QA Systems tools automate unit testing, code coverage, integration testing and static analysis to optimise safety and business critical embedded software and accelerate safety standards compliance. 11
ashutec We offer software and product development services. We architect, design and develop Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications. We deliver quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions using fixed cost, time and material models and open to other models as per needs of client. 11
TotalCross Community Focused on publishing articles and tutorials about cross-platform software development ( Embedded systems, Android, iOS, and others) using TotalCross Java framework. 11
FlexMR Dev Blog Ideas and opinions from the FlexMR development team. 11
Diary of an SRE a blog about devops, infrastructure, and site reliability engineering 11
limehome-engineering limehome-engineering 11
VX Company Never stop learning. That is our goal. At VX Company we firmly believe people never stop learning. That’s why we focus on not only improving your less strong qualities, but mainly about further developing and improving your (natural) talents. 11
TextMaster Engineering TextMaster is the world’s first global translation solution that is available entirely online. This publication is a humble description of heroic technical efforts aiming to provide our clients the best translations in the world. 🤓 10
Leaf Grow Engineering The Engineering, Dev Ops & Data stories behind Leaf Grow — a better and simpler way to run your digital marketing campaigns. 10
How-Tos A series of articles describing how to build anything software-related. 10