Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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Amsterdam Standard The technology partner for growing businesses. We help companies build software, websites, and apps. 10
ibolmo Sr. Backend Engineer at Zapier, Founder omcode, Ex-Googler, Founder of Code RGV, M.S. Electrical Engineer UCLA, Full Stack Software Engineer. All stories and opinions are my own. 10
TheCodr All about coding ✨ 10
ZRP Techblog ZRP is a technology consultancy company based on Sao Paulo. Our publication is about what inspires us, the problems we’ve facing in technology, and ideas we think are worth spreading. 9
WizPanda Passionate about technology and are driven by client success 9
Fabrit Global Drive innovation through custom software 9
tmobile-dsna 100% of Decisions, 100% Data Driven — driving T-Mobile’s Procurement, Network Supply Chain & Network Development organizations forward! 9
Agilemania We are a group of agile coaches and software developers focus on developing customer-centric products using the Scrum framework. 9
Perfsys Voice of Perfect Systems 8
Landria An in-depth look at what makes companies collaborate successfully 7
Total Kinetic Total Kinetic Consulting Blog — Transforming Human Potential 7
East Pole Distributed reflections of the third kind 7
Engineering Samlino Documenting the joys and sorrows of software development at 7
Artemis Labs (Open Source) Open Source Developers located in Venice, CA 7
Scaelup Stories in the life of an organisation, uncovering what helps leaders grow their people. 7