Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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clusterfk Devoted to all topics around thoughtful software engineering and building more resilient software. 7
Etribes Tech Etribes is a tech-driven consulting firm focusing on the digitalization. We help businesses to face the challenges of the digitalization and digitize their existing business or develop new business models with them. 7
QuantumTalent We are a passionate team of software engineers, product managers, designers, data analyst, and data scientists working in a startup in Latin America using Artificial Intelligence to help connect people with jobs where they’ll succeed. 7
Computers Are Hard Through conversations with eight engineers from different backgrounds, we explore and explain why software is more complicated than it looks even to a trained eye. 7
Dan On Coding All things software 7
SaatchiArt Engineering & Product SaatchiArt Engineering & Product Blog 6
Carepenny Next-generation healthcare software. Our team is working to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare software. 6
Charisol Community A renegade techies hub for sharing lessons, struggles and stories of the African tech world to the global audience 6
Prodigy Engineering Prodigy Education connects students, parents, teachers and school districts with resources that promote a lifelong love of learning. 6
netvise-software Helping companies to untangle their software. 6
Berk Gökden’s adventures Unusual experiments of a software developer 6
Liki Blog A blog created by Liki team members with heart. That’s our space for developers, graphic designers, IT engineers and other specialists to share tech news on software development, mobile&web applications, product design, and other issues. 6
BitBakery Updates from the team at BitBakery — trusted outsourced development for any size project 6
The Next Team The Next Team is the team of developers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, writers. We are enthralled to make this world a better place to live and teach technology to everyone onthe planet. We often 6
Gravitywell UK Let’s talk about tech, baby 5