Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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Coding for Sapiens Coding for Sapiens is a human discussion group focused on coding core concepts, beyond any language, but English-speaking. We talk about design patterns, tricky algorithms, development approaches, coding styles, interfaces, user experience or anything that we can commit to git. 5
Precognitive Engineering the future of Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention. 5
Teaminator Leadership and teamwork stories from Teaminator 5
Leadership Notes Stories about teams, careers and what means being a positive leader 5
The Creative Consultant The creative consultant is a platform that promotes creative and innovative consulting. It aims at providing deeper insights into innovative thinking concepts, creative consulting models and techno consulting focusing both business and technological trends. 5
Tamman Inc. Tamman builds the inclusive web. Our mission-driven staff of talented designers, developers, and technologists are agents of change for our clients. Our digital experiences focus on function, beauty and performance. Technical Solutions. Made Human. 5
The Laconic Keys The Laconic Keys is a premium newsletter, podcast, and blog, written and edited by Tyler Mahoney, a Product Manager and Solution Architect with over 10 years of experience in the technology industry 5
Glazed Dev Stories and posts from the Glazed team, a group of elite web and mobile developers that has developed hundreds of apps for millions of users and some of the world’s largest companies. 5
Lofelt Lofelt builds state-of-the-art haptic technologies for content creators and device brands to deliver remarkable, immersive tactile experiences. 5
therisecollection Innovating without forgetting to be creative. 4
The Hooray Media Stories and insights from creators and thinkers. 4
headwayio Insights and perspectives to help you navigate the ever changing seas of product strategy, design, and development. 4
fromScratch Studio We are a data-driven Product Design agency that loves building great ideas into beautiful user experiences and awesome products. 4
Groftware Sharing what we’ve learned, as we go on this journey to change the world of business using software. 4
Technology Today Tutorials on software development, analytics, web and mobile development, SEO, and other technology related tutorials 4