Publications tagged `SOFTWARE ENGINEERING`
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South Eugene Robotics Team The only FRC team in the Eugene/Springfield area. 1
Data Driven Media Group Data Driven Applications and Algorithms all in one place. 1
Better Reliability Advice for engineering teams on better reliability engineering practices for a reliable world from the Squadcast community 1
an engineer / a reader / a guy My thoughts and practices in engineering, in book reading and in other topics. 1
The Code Brew Brewing (making) good codes. 1
Divido tech Tech reviews from Divido — the company reshaping global retail finance. 1
Expend Engineering The challenges and triumphs of a small but dedicated engineering team. Written by developers, for developers. 1
HutSix Blog An Australian software development agency specialising in custom CRM’s and empowering our clients to maximise their productivity and performance. 1
First Resonance Engineering First Resonance is changing the way people build hardware… with software. 1
Valencian Digital We’re a Dallas-based web agency dedicated to empowering clients to build strong and modern websites. Focusing on utilizing new and revolutionary technology and software design patterns to develop efficient, secure, and maintainable applications. 1
TheBetterScienceTeamCompany We love to turn data into data products 1
Hack University Educational software engineering and digital design content, resources, and tips. 1
Awesome Sauce We focus on blogs relating to technology, software, startup and life hacks. 1
Ancestry Product & Technology Engineering and technology articles. 1
Axon Insights Let us share our IT insights and development practices by reviewing the latest in technology news. 1