Publications tagged `SOFTWARE ENGINEERING`
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Outbrain Engineering Outbrain is the world’s leading native advertising platform, guiding the digital discoveries of consumers around the globe. Genuinely connecting marketers, publishers, and the consumers in-between, Outbrain serves more than 308 billion recommendations, organically personalizing, 86
BrieBug Blog Expert Angular Consulting and Training 83
Device Blogs Thoughts on building products, engineering, design and development 83
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Walk Before you Sprint Thoughts About the Human Side of Making Software 81
Mobi Lab A team of designers and engineers sharing their passion for UX | 76
Swissquote Engineering Perspectives and stories about technology and techniques we use to build and operate Swissquote Bank software. 76
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coderbunker We are an international community of software developers. Founded in Shanghai, now in Singapore, and growing by the day. 72