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Doctolib Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing e-health service in Europe. We provide healthcare professionals with services to improve the efficiency of their organization, transform their patients’ experience, and strengthen cooperation with other practitioners. We help pati 767
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100 Days of Linux Linux is a ubiquitous Operating System. It has so many useful features. This publication is all about Linux and its tools. It will also include articles about Linux Networking Stack. 729
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Creditas Tech Our technologies, innovations, digital product management, culture, and much more! 698
Klarna Engineering Disrupting the financial sector starts and ends with products that work, are easy to use and stable day after day. The Engineering competence is pivotal in creating, maintaining and developing the Klarna experience. 657
Bluecore Engineering Go behind the scenes of the retail marketing platform. Interested in working with us? Check out our careers page here: 655
Aubergine Solutions Among the World’s Top 50 UX Agencies. We’re a team of UX Designers and IT Engineers. We balance our madness and method. To know more about us visit 634
Capgemini Microsoft Blog A place for Capgemini’s Microsoft team to share their experiences delivering cutting edge solutions for our clients using the latest Microsoft products. Follow us to keep up to date on trends, best practices, tips, revision guides and life in Capgemini’s Microsoft team. 619
Event-driven Utopia EdU is a place where you can find quality content on building event-driven, asynchronous, cloud-native application architectures. 596
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Amplitude Engineering A look into engineering at Amplitude 587