Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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dataswati-garage This is our garage where we play with data and AI. With love from Paris-Saclay. 68
Skafos Skafos makes it simple for you to build ML-powered apps, whether you are prototyping or delivering to millions of devices. 67
Machine Learning Algorithms from scratch This publication is a group of important Machine learning algorithms which are implemented from scratch in Python. Maths behind every frequently used machine learning algorithm is discussed and made easy. 65
BiaslyAI Four research interns at Mila (Quebec Institute of Learning Algorithm) share and document their journey to tackle gender bias in Machine Learning. 64
KrakenSystems Kraken is a tech company specialized in distributed systems, industrial IoT, data-science and system architecture. 61
Rock Your Data Rock Your Data is a consulting and technology firm that delivers secure and scalable cloud analytics solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises in Canada. 60 — Data Science, Analytics and Engineering is a Data Science company focused on building Data Analytics, Data Engineering and Machine Learning applications. Our team of world-class data scientists is here to solve your problem. Learn more: 57
TheLocalMinima An empirical blog that explores the yet unexplored in machine learning. 57
Deep Neuron Lab AI blog for Deep Neuron Lab 56
AlumnAI Academy Providing ingenious learning experiences on Emerging Technologies, to produce elite talent at scale. 54
Convertelligence Software company specializing in chatbots and artificial intelligence 54
Global SWAI Global Startup Weekend in Artificial Intelligence (GSWAI) connects entrepreneurs, organizing teams, and startup communities around the world. 53
Overture Overture is a computer vision platform that saves data scientists weeks in development. We offer an end-to-end pipeline for cutting-edge computer vision algorithms which takes care of data input, training, deployment, and actionable analytics. Models can be compared in their pe 53
A paper a day avoids neuron decay Get ready, we are going into paper-land 52
Nadir Nibras- Data Science projects A collection of data science projects I am working on. Update: I have moved my old publications to Towards Data Science. Please refer to 52