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Hands-Off Investing Hands-Off Investing is a place for people looking to automate their stock analysis techniques. The goal is to open source our code, ideas, and processes in hopes of improving them and teaching/inspiring others. If you would like to feature your work here, please reach out! 216
Coding at Dawn Laid-back programming + relaxing photography 208
iZettle Engineering We build tools to help business grow — this is how we do it. 208
MLRecipies Helping Beginner’s in their journey in Machine Learning 203
UCI NLP Posts by authors affiliated with the UC Irvine Natural Language Processing group 199
Neurohive - CV papers Machine Learning and Neural Networks 196
glovo-engineering Discover some of the challenges and funny stories we encounter every day at Glovo 196
Smile Innovation A series of articles about innovative technologies we try @ Smile 194
Related Works Related Works is a boutique consultancy in NYC that leverages data to give companies clarity about where they are and confidence about what comes next. 194
Nerd For Tech We are tech nerds because we believe in reinventing the world with the power of Technology. Our articles talk about some of the most disruptive ideas, technology, and innovation. 194
VantageAI Vantage AI is a data science consultancy firm connecting ambitious and highly educated data scientists with your organization. We empower organizations to become more data driven and efficient by offering effective and accessible data science solutions. 193
The Programming Hub This publication focuses on Programming Languages. Let’s talk and share good readings about Tech and Programming. 193
Vitalify Asia Vitalify Asia Co., Ltd. is AI / Deep Learning and Hybrid Development Company in Vietnam 193
The Circular Theory Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature. 184
omni:us Engineering and Data Science Blog for omni:us 182