Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Bartosz Mikulski Data science and machine learning 178
Intel Student Ambassadors Stories from Intel Student Ambassadors working on innovative use cases and projects around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Learn More Here: 171
Syntax and Semantics A blog about Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Science. Sponsored by Ticary Solutions 170
Code Heroku Live Programming Courses 168
EPFL Extension School Real-world digital skills - for everyone - in web, mobile and data science. Visit to learn more. 165
Shallow Thoughts about Deep Learning Just some thoughts about artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and so on. 161
Acta Schola Automata Polonica Scientific blog about artificial intelligence and machine learning 156
Data as a better idea Learning about Data Science,Statistics,Mathematics, etc 156
Amplify Partners Newsfeed News and information about the topics we love, including our portfolio. 155
Neuronio Neuronio is a Brazilian company that creates Deep Learning solutions and offers consulting services. At Medium, we write about machine learning and deep learning. #ai #deeplearning #machinelearning 154
Magrathea Labs What the hitchhikers from MLabs think about technology, science and business 153
Machine Learning Intuition Very intuitive introduction to concepts of machine learning as well as commentaries. We aim to provide series of posts describing a concept or a task in machine learning/deep learning as well as posts about news and commentaries on recent development in the field of A.I. 153
Eliiza-AI AI & Machine Learning in Melbourne, Australia 147
iZettle Engineering We build tools to help business grow — this is how we do it. 144
Maxime Heckel Software engineer and space enthusiast. Currently working for @docker. 139