Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Sigmoid Making Machine Learning more accessible. One line of code at a time. 77
CraftData Labs We are a group of data scientists, designers and developers from the Himalayas helping companies make sense of their data. 77
Pathlight Pathlight helps every manager be more effective in less time. 76
Velotio Perspectives Thoughts and ideas on startups, enterprise software & technology by the Velotio team. Learn more at 76
Neuri Research Blog Official research blog of Neuri PTE LTD. an artificial intelligence based Fintech firm. Through this blog Neuri’s researchers and engineers share latest methods in AI driven simulation and modeling as applied to financial markets. 72
Orikami blog Machine learning, data science & personalized healthcare 70
Magrathea Labs What the hitchhikers from MLabs think about technology, science and business 70
MLRecipies Helping Beginner’s in their journey in Machine Learning 70
Infosimples Infosimples is a Brazilian technology company. At Medium, we write about machine learning and big data. #ai #deeplearning #machinelearning #scraping #automation 67
Machine Learning Intuition Very intuitive introduction to concepts of machine learning as well as commentaries. We aim to provide series of posts describing a concept or a task in machine learning/deep learning as well as posts about news and commentaries on recent development in the field of A.I. 66
skygate ▮AI/ML, JS, Python, UX skills beyond expectations is now on Medium on a mission to educate (y)ourself 65
Decoding Data The science of problem solving 62
Verifa Verifa is an R&D-based services company with the aim of enabling software teams to produce higher quality systems at a higher velocity, continuously. 61
Razorthink AI A Bay Area and Bangalore based AI Platform company, with a mission to simplify the creation, deployment and management of Intelligent Systems. Visit to know more. 60
Eliiza-AI AI & Machine Learning in Melbourne, Australia 60