Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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UCI NLP Posts by authors affiliated with the UC Irvine Natural Language Processing group 153
dunnhumby Data Science & Engineering dunnhumby uses machine learning and data science to improve customer understanding and help drive our clients' growth. 151
Shallow Thoughts about Deep Learning Just some thoughts about artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and so on. 150
omni:us Engineering and Data Science Blog for omni:us 149
Neurohive - CV papers Machine Learning and Neural Networks 147
Omdena Omdena is a global collaborative platform where AI enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds collaborate to build AI models and solve real-world social problems. 147
Amplify Partners Newsfeed News and information about the topics we love, including our portfolio. 145
The Sound of AI Where AI, music and video game worlds collide. All content is produced by Melodrive, a team of PhD-level industry pioneers. 130
Jovian IO Machine learning articles by the community, sponsored by Jovian, Visit . 124
Acta Schola Automata Polonica Scientific blog about artificial intelligence and machine learning 122
EPFL Extension School Real-world digital skills - for everyone - in web, mobile and data science. Visit to learn more. 122
Sakya’s Research Blog This blog reports latest technologies and stories in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We cover a wide technology space from neuro-computing, robotics, IoT to AI in finance and Healthcare. Edited by: Dr. Sakyasingha Dasgupta 121
iZettle Engineering We build tools to help business grow — this is how we do it. 120
Pixplicity The Creative Tech Agency 117
Dropout Labs Bringing Cryptography and Machine Learning Together 115