Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Spirit AI AI for humans 250
Image Vision A tutorial series for Computer Vision and Image Processing with OpenCV and Python. 250
Data Science Everywhere Find the best articles related to Data Science 241
AITS Journal AI content from AITS associates with 💝. AITS is a deep learning company and lead developer of open source deep learning compiler. 237
Data Science Personal Blog About Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision and Python. 236
dunnhumby Data Science & Engineering dunnhumby uses machine learning and data science to improve customer understanding and help drive our clients' growth. 232
Earthcube Stories Follow Earthcube latest development 228
code-gin This where you read about coding, to make tommorow better 223
EPFL Extension School Real-world digital skills - for everyone - in web, mobile and data science. Visit to learn more. 223
Zetta Venture Partners Zetta invests in intelligent enterprise software. We partner with companies building software that learns from data to analyze, predict and prescribe outcomes. 223
ODSCJournal Collecting all of the best open data science articles, tutorials, advice, and code to share with the greater open data science community! 217
Hands-Off Investing Hands-Off Investing is a place for people looking to automate their stock analysis techniques. The goal is to open source our code, ideas, and processes in hopes of improving them and teaching/inspiring others. If you would like to feature your work here, please reach out! 216
JoyTunes Sharing some inner workings from JoyTunes' journey to create the biggest music learning service: iOS & Android development, deep learning, machine learning infrastructure, subscription dynamics, startup culture and more 211
Coding at Dawn Laid-back programming + relaxing photography 208
iZettle Engineering We build tools to help business grow — this is how we do it. 208