Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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Inside Machine learning Deep-dive articles about machine learning, cloud, and data. Curated by IBM. 2,753
auquan Auquan aims to to engage people from diverse backgrounds to apply the skills from their respective fields to develop high quality trading strategies. We believe that extremely talented people equipped with right knowledge and attitude can design successful trading algorithms. 2,714
PyTorch An open source machine learning framework that accelerates the path from research prototyping to production deployment 2,643
The Civis Journal Civis Analytics helps the country's largest companies and nonprofits identify, attract, and engage loyal customers and employees with a blend of proprietary data, software solutions, and an interdisciplinary team of data and survey science experts. 2,538
GeoAI Geospatial Artificial Intelligence: thoughts about where AI and GIS intersect 2,411
Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies Things we made with data at IBM’s Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies. 2,338
RAPIDS AI RAPIDS is a suite of software libraries for executing end-to-end data science & analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs. 2,337
Expedia Group Technology Stories from the Expedia Group Technology teams 2,336
Plotly Plotly is a data visualization company that makes it easy to build, test, and deploy beautiful interactive web apps, charts and graphs—in any programming language. 2,305
BCG GAMMA GAMMAscope - The Blog 2,079
ActiveWizards: machine learning company Helping organizations to implement AI and data science initiatives 2,047
Apache MXNet Apache MXNet (incubating) is a deep learning framework designed for both efficiency and flexibility. It allows you to mix symbolic and imperative programming to maximize efficiency and productivity. 1,895 Data Science The Data Science and Machine learning blog of 1,885
Revolut Tech Revolut under the hood 1,857
Udacity Eng & Data from the engineers and data scientists building Udacity 1,835