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Backticks & Tildes Distributed knowledge without borders 1,197
Teads Engineering 150+ innovators building the future of digital advertising 1,183
USF-Data Science Established in 2016, the Data Institute at USF serves as the umbrella organization for data science research and programming at the University of San Francisco. We offer MS Data Science, BS Data Science and continuing education certificates. 1,169
GoDataScience Data science is GOD science and we teach you how to become a demigod with data. 1,143
Omdena Omdena is a collaborative platform for building AI solutions to real-world problems through the power of bottom up collaboration. 1,074
Technology Hits Important, high-impact, informative, and engaging stories on all aspects of technology. 1,069
Data Science Rush Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics: books, courses, tutorials. 1,031
Over Engineering Over is a mobile app for creativity that allows you to build beautiful custom designs 1,017
Deep Learning Demystified Simple intuitive explanations for everything Deep Learning. From basic concepts to cutting edge advances. 947
Spotify Insights The research and learnings from Spotify’ Insights community help make Spotify the best it can be. 932 Data Scientists must think like an artist when finding a solution, when creating a piece of code.Artists enjoy working on interesting problems, even if there is no obvious answer. 875
descarteslabs-meditations Explore posts from the Descartes Labs team 868
Data For Science Learn to take control of your Data 851
Data Science & Design All about Data Science, Machine Learning, and Design. Also, lot of things about Statistics, Data Visualization, Benchmarking, and funny stuff. 850
Datorama Engineering Building things the Datorama way 839