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HeadFake Hoops Your source for weirdly alternative & dope NBA content. Shoot your shot with us. 169
PhotoCurious Photography, techniques and processes, photo essays, photography and culture. philosophy, reviews, interviews 164
Soli Deo Gloria Seeking God’s glory in all things 158
The Beautiful Thinkers Project Carolyn Hadlock (Executive Creative Director, Young & Laramore) sits down with founders, leaders, creators, and visionaries across industries and disciplines to learn more about how they imagine and produce ideas, and explore what makes beautiful thinking. 156
Elle Magazine The latest in fashion, beauty and culture. 155
langscape-magazine/ Thank you for reading Langscape Magazine on Medium! Langscape is an extension of the voice of Terralingua. It supports our mission by educating the minds and hearts about the importance and value of biocultural diversity. Visit 154
iheartastrology For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology. 152
The Yale Herald Yale’s most daring publication since 1986 146
Social Nuisance Publishing diverse observations of the world around us. 144
Culturati: Magazine Culture powers performance 140
UNPLUGG'D MAG Dedicated to longform storytelling on Gen Z culture and life. 136
Thoughts on World Heritage Essays on World Heritage 136
Conscious Paradoxalism Conscious Paradoxalism is collection of essays on Metamodern Aesthetics. The revolution of the Renaissance gave rise to Academic normal art. The revolution of Modernism gave rise to Postmodern art, the new academic normal art. Metamodernism is the new revolution. 135
Pipefy Pipefy is the Work Management platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place. And this is our blog :) 134
Wonk Bridge Where Tech Worlds Collide 133