Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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DShorbAuthor All My Medium Writing In One Place. 21
mookie's opinions just personal thoughts. mostly politics, economics, sometimes tv & movies. entrepreneur. writer. guest columnist at News Journal/DelawareOnline. Somewhat involved in local politics back in the day. 21
Where Others Won’t AFL Team Canada head coach Cody Royle explores how businesses can create competitive advantage by adapting strategies already in use in pro sports. 20
Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines We provide public education and cultural understanding about psychedelic plant medicines and promote a bridge between the ceremonial use of sacred plants and psychedelic science. 19
The Silicon Valley Post The Silicon Valley Post covers tech culture, innovation, establishment of innovators and the journey of tech entrepreneurs making their way from all corners and subcultures of the world. 19
Between Taxis The wonderings of two wanderers. 17
iamalaw Society, politics, education, culture, race and pretty much anything else. 16
Culture Design “How do we structure work, how do we lead and how do we do culture?” supports and inspires you to develop and design company culture. 16
Cavity of Silence Writer and Podcast Host Shireen Qudosi. 15
Capitol Letters Fiction for the world that makes sense, non-fiction for the world that doesn’t. Immerse yourself. 14
OpenOut Learning about people through their food 12
UnholyCommunion Exposing the unholy communion of sex, religion, and politics—one vulnerable story at a time 12
Erraticus Spontaneous Culture. Emotional Intelligence. Meaningful ideas for emotionally intelligent living. 11
Quilt.AI Quilt.AI creates culturally intelligent AI products to achieve impact at scale. 11
OWN IT Essential tips for newly launched businesses. From, Brian Friedman, the Founder of LOOPD and Author of Takeaways. 11