Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Conatus Features Conatus Features hosts opinion pieces on politics, philosophy, religion, culture, science, and other areas, sparking debate and leading the conversation on key issues. 29
Inside & Inward Essays and Anecdotes by Maliha 27
Octopus Wealth Insights and updates from Octopus Wealth HQ. Covering finance, tech, culture & more… 27
12 Songs Project People in the music industry share the 12 songs that impacted their lives. 26
mookie's opinions just personal thoughts. mostly politics, economics, sometimes tv & movies. entrepreneur. writer. guest columnist at News Journal/DelawareOnline. Somewhat involved in local politics back in the day. 25
Living Language Legacies Prosody is the music of language. 25
Swish Question yourself 25
The Silicon Valley Post The Silicon Valley Post covers tech culture, innovation, establishment of innovators and the journey of tech entrepreneurs making their way from all corners and subcultures of the world. 22
Where Others Won’t Author and podcaster Cody Royle explores the crossover of leadership between sports and business. 22
The Literary Edit The Literary Edit is a blog that began as an attempt to read more, read diversely, and read critically. It contains articles on literature and culture. 21
The Loners’ Hideout When the world is too loud, sometimes we just need a safe space to hide out. 20
Culture Design “How do we structure work, how do we lead and how do we do culture?” supports and inspires you to develop and design company culture. 19
Between Taxis The wonderings of two wanderers. 19
South Asian Persuasion A place for literary works by South Asians or with a strand of the South Asian experience running through them. 19
iamalaw Society, politics, education, culture, race and pretty much anything else. 18