Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Culture Design “How do we structure work, how do we lead and how do we do culture?” supports and inspires you to develop and design company culture. 16
Cavity of Silence Writer and Podcast Host Shireen Qudosi. 15
Capitol Letters Fiction for the world that makes sense, non-fiction for the world that doesn’t. Immerse yourself. 14
This World As We See It Politics Without Dogma 13
halobureau Halo is a slow content platform created by Anthropologists who believe in the value of ethnographic thinking applied to everyday life. 12
Quilt.AI Quilt.AI creates culturally intelligent AI products to achieve impact at scale. 12
Erraticus Spontaneous Culture. Emotional Intelligence. Meaningful ideas for emotionally intelligent living. 12
OpenOut Learning about people through their food 12
OWN IT Essential tips for newly launched businesses. From, Brian Friedman, the Founder of LOOPD and Author of Takeaways. 11
The Long Game Podcast There’s violence in the streets because Americans have forgotten how to solve problems. 10
Creative Dissonance Deciphering the tension between loving the art and hating the artist. 9
National Service Scheme, IIT Roorkee The NSS IITR Publication 9
The Photojournal. The story of a young maverick in the modern world. 8
Cally The greatest human achievements have all be done in teams and Cally is on a mission to help every team create their greatest work 8
wrytn Wrytn focuses on Art, Culture, Lifestyle, and Travel through LGBTQ perspectives. 7