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Miguel Makes Short stories about UX, entrepreneurship, and storytelling. 7
Green Party of Allegheny County News from the GPOAC and its members. 7
Front Row Medium isn’t just for writer’s anymore 7
Literature and Social Change The State University of New York at Fredonia English 400 Senior Seminar Capstone Project 7
clusterfk Devoted to all topics around thoughtful software engineering and building more resilient software. 7
ReNoob Let’s learn music-making together 7
The Economist’s Almanac Predictions are always a weird thing. If everybody anticipated eventual calamity, then they would act accordingly before. Forecasting is a weird thing because it hardly does what it defines to do. Here, we anticipate what is seemingly unanticipated. 7
The Berkeley Table Facilitating interdisciplinary work to increase public access to world-class research in the social sciences and humanities along with commentary for popular enrichment. 7
AoECreative AoE Creative has a background and reach in gaming and esports unparalleled by any other creative agency. Our origin story is amid the initial spark of the competitive gaming explosion. With experts from top publishers and the most elite esports teams and companies. 7
The Fractal Way The team at Fractal shares thoughts about software development 7
The Purple Giraffe The Purple Giraffe is home to a dynamic opinion about all things politics and the economy. 7
Moving the Needles Illuminating undercovered changemakers in the world 7
Taylors STRONG We are a collective of big box gym personal trainers and coaches out of Melbourne, Australia looking to bring knowledge, experience and integrity into the grassroots of the fitness industry. 6
Whatelse Is New My views on design, innovation, art and stuff 6
Arizona State University’s Future H2O Insights from ASU’s Future H2O on opportunities to build global water abundance 6