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Skills Matter A community of software developers with a passion for tackling complex challenges. 520
devconnected — DevOps, Sysadmins & Engineering Tutorials & Guides for DevOps, sysadmins and software engineers. 519
pushtostart Everything Startup 510
innovative agile techniques and practices As an alternative to drawing a box and saying "everything inside is Agile," this collection is for anyone who is looking for techniques that inject spontaneity and fun, and encourage open sharing of perspectives. 498 The engineering behind iyzico, the sweet home for iyzicoders… 493
kloia Digital Transition with Cloud, DevOps and Microservices enablement 491
Deepal’s Blog Knowledge as a Service 488
Capgemini Microsoft Team Blog A place for the Capgemini Microsoft Team to share their experiences with the latest products from the Microsoft stack. Follow us to keep up to date on Best Practices, Tips & Tricks, Revision Guides and plenty more informative content around Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. 487
Bluecore Engineering Go behind the scenes of the retail marketing platform. Interested in working with us? Check out our careers page here: 477
9elements We craft digital products and services. 474
Feedzai Techblog Welcome to Feedzai Techblog, a compilation of tales on how we fight villainous villains through data science, AI and engineering. 468
Mobile App Development Publication Sharing iOS, Android and relevant Mobile App Development Technology and Learning 460
Practice Product Become a better product manager 454
devgorilla 453
Dionysis’ desk Android code, life thoughts and more.. 448