Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Seismic Data Science Seismic Data Science 42
Global SWAI Global Startup Weekend in Artificial Intelligence (GSWAI) connects entrepreneurs, organizing teams, and startup communities around the world. 40
Decoding Data The science of problem solving 39
Infosimples Infosimples is a Brazilian technology company. At Medium, we write about machine learning and big data. #ai #deeplearning #machinelearning #scraping #automation 37 — Data Science, Analytics and Engineering is a Data Science company focused on building Data Analytics, Data Engineering and Machine Learning applications. Our team of world-class data scientists is here to solve your problem. Learn more: 37
Eliiza-AI AI & Machine Learning in Melbourne, Australia 35
Gridiron AI AI, data science, and analysis for fantasy football 31
MissingLink Deep Learning Platform Posts on Deep Learning and AI Operations 30
x8 — The AI Community X8 is the community for AI experts, enthusiasts, thinkers, researchers and writers. With AI’s impact being felt across diverse fields ranging from Art to Politics, this publication encourages articles on the social, technological, political and ecological aspects of AI. 29
Scalia Scalia is a collaborative data integration web platform launched in 2016. Scalia offers an innovative tech-driven and user friendly solution to meet the current and future needs of the B2B ecosystem: collect, consolidate, control and enrich their product data. 28
Velotio Perspectives Thoughts and ideas on startups, enterprise software & technology by the Velotio team. Learn more at 27
Constellation AI Improving life through artificial intelligence and human-centred design. 26
Finelined Research. Data Science. Competitive programming. 25 blog Our adventures in improving the world with deep learning 24
dataswati-garage This is our garage where we play with data and AI. With love from Paris-Saclay. 24