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Threat Intel Insights into the world of threat intelligence, cybercrime and IT security. Brought to you by researchers at Symantec. 9,267
Square Corner Blog Buying and selling sound like simple things - and they should be. Somewhere along the way, they got complicated. At Square, we're working hard to make commerce easy for everyone. 6,198
Better Everyday Stories, analyses & resources to help seed-stage founders redesign the everyday. Brought to you by your friends at @NextViewVC. 6,055
SingularityNET The Decentralized Platform for the AI Economy 5,762
Mobile Lifestyle When thinking of Mobile Service Design, we not only design intuitive (web) apps for Smartphones, Tablets or Wearables, but for an entire lifestyle. In our publication, we curate the best articles covering the Mobile Lifestyle — written by people that live it. 4,968
the co-pour effective leadership, dumb mistakes, and whisky 4,594
Popular Science The world’s largest science and technology magazine 4,139
Sudo vs Root Thoughts directly from the minds and hearts of the engineers at Skcript, via Medium. 3,419
Capital One Tech Inspiration and ideas from the tech builders and influencers at Capital One. An opportunity for us to explore and share our insights as a tech-focused industry leader. 3,237
One Design Community Stories from Capital One's designers on how using humanity, simplicity, and ingenuity can empower people to have better control over their money. 3,142
The Ferenstein Wire Syndicated news exploring how technology can make the world and ourselves better. Data obsessed. ADHD friendly. 3,087
The Biz Stone Collection Information of various sorts and kinds—especially Jelly Industries, Inc. 2,825
Ethical Tech Essays on tech, open culture, politics and beyond. 2,809
ExtremeTech Access All the cutting-edge chip news, software updates, and future science of ExtremeTech, distilled into an easy-to-read format. 2,771
Digital Culturist Observing the digital age through the eyes of those who created it. 2,752