Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
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OVO Design The story of OVO Design Team in delivering the best user experience for you. 22
make it heady Heady is a mobile product consultancy dedicated to building sustainable innovation through design and technology. 22
Root Design Root was founded on the belief that insurance is a broken industry, and we set out to change it. By getting to the “root” of the issue — the unfair, archaic, complicated insurance business model — and solving it entirely, we set out to transform the car insurance world. 21
Moving abroad for a job Is moving abroad for a job on your mind? Follow along for some practical tips for job hunting, visa and relocation experiences, and behind-the-scenes of living in a different country. 21
Product @ Fullscript This publication features Fullscript employees sharing their experience and expertise in researching, designing, developing, and managing a SaaS product. The Fullscript platform was uniquely built for practitioners to go beyond their traditional dispensing habits. 21
Jamie Hylands Portfolio The online home of Jamie Hylands - Product Designer, Tech Geek, Human. 19
Sprinthub Mobile Engineering App design and development trends and insights, from team technology experts based in Nigeria. 19
AE Studio AE Studio is an LA-based agile design and development consultancy that helps startups and growth-stage companies build scalable Data Science and Product Development solutions. 19
sennder Tech blog 18
OTL Ventures OTL Ventures: Product Team For Hire 17
Product Gurukul All about Product and Product Management | Thoughts, Tools, Techniques, Guides and Methods 17
Building Panorama Education Stories and musings from Panorama’s design/engineering/research teams 17
GoBear Design Looking for honey and running from bees. 16
Frontline Design A collection of enterprise design insights, learnings, and case studies 16
Allie Kandel Where I digitally stick my work. 15