Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
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tech.revelo Os desafios e aprendizados do time de tech da Revelo. 45
Thoughts from Mentally Friendly A design team building products, teams and policy for a wellbeing economy. 41
Touch4IT We are a software development company that invents tailored solutions to ensure our clients a competitive advantage through innovations. 39
The Product Minds #product management #eCommerce #UX #innovation #search #agile #omni-channel #personalization 39
Eight Bit Studios We’ve spent 8+2 years on a QUEST to create a more playful, connected and usable world. Our mission is far from over and more important than ever. We continue to put every bit of ourselves into making digital products backed by strategy and fueled by fun. Will you join us? 39
Whitespectre Technology, design, and product strategy from Whitespectre. 39
Design at Wizeline Storytelling. Talent. Experience. Design. 38
Ladies that UX Amsterdam Ladies that UX Amsterdam is a welcoming and inclusive community that aims to promote female talent and increase female visibility. Our community is inclusive to all background, gender, age, race, and expertise. 36
Alaska Airlines Design & Research Stories, perspectives, and other musings 36 Birdie is taking Consumer & Product Insights to the next level by automatically capturing, analyzing, and categorizing consumer and expert reviews. 36
Design Portfolio Irving Rivera’s Design Porfolio 33
Yext Design This publication serves to document our unique experience as designers at Yext. Here we aim to learn from the design community, as well as share our own findings and stories. 33
UxD Critical Software User experience design (UxD) shapes many of the products and services that surround our day-to-day lives. 33
Back and Forth Every week, Kuan writes about life, travel, meditation, design and stories you inspire her to tell. She is building @ftwretreat, and has previously led design at CockroachDB, Etsy, Grand St, Washington Post, and Objective Subject. 32
FordLabs FordLabs is a software incubation group within Ford Motor Company, whose mission is to develop innovative software through human centered design, lean validation, and XP software development. 32