Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
Name Followers
Trouva Product Blog Perspectives and updates from Trouva’s product team 15
ateliware Ateliê de software que desenvolve produtos e soluções handmade. 15
iZotope Design from the design team at iZotope 14
Staqu Dev Logs While we work on cutting edge products for enterprises and audience at large, this publication sheds some insights into the rapid prototyping, code marathons and optimizations that Staqu’s engineers constantly churn out! 14
Basilmo I am a UX/UI specialist and a seasoned front end developer 13
UX Backstage Helping UX Designers establish a design culture in organizations trough practical examples of UX strategy 13
Joy’s Food for Thought with a Product Lens Product opinions and wishful thinking 13
Gem Software Insights and stories from the team building the platform for modern recruiting. More at 13
A Digital Portfolio of Lauren Madsen As a student at UVU, I have written about my experiences and ever-growing knowledge about Interaction Design, User Experience Design and much more. 12
apto MAGAZINE Stories about innovative businesses with products, services and experiences that have a positive impact on people’s lives. 12
Everything Product! This Publication is a series of articles on Product management, skills of a Product manager, a career in Product management et al. 12
thirty3HQ Humans. Products. Data. 11
One Minute Insight Insightful read in one minute, and sometimes more 11
NFQ Design Perspectives from the NFQ Design team 10
Portfolio of Christophe Coutzoukis UX Design, Product Design, Front-end Development, Interaction Design, Web design. 10